Statement by Ambassador Zhang Jun at the First Regular Session of UNICEF Executive Board on China Country Programme Document



11 February 2021



Madam President,



Today happens to be Lunar New Year’s Eve. I wish all colleagues a very happy, healthy and successful new year.



I thank DED Abdi and Dr. Kampo for their comprehensive presentations. I also thank the guest panelists for their contribution to today’s discussion. Currently, COVID-19 is having a profound negative impact on the world. Children and women are among the victims. The world needs stronger and more resilient public health systems now more than ever, so that children and women could have access to life-saving and quality health services. China will continue to contribute in this regard.



The Chinese Government attaches great importance to its cooperation with UNICEF. Since 1979, UNICEF has carried out 8 consecutive cycles of Country Programme Documents (CPDs) in China and implemented more than 160 cooperation projects, covering the areas of child development and social welfare policy, health and nutrition, education and early childhood development, child protection, water, sanitation and hygiene. They have contributed to the progress of children’s development in China, and demonstrated the good cooperation between UN development entities and developing countries.



Madam President,



China is a developing country with 271 million children. Its development is still unbalanced and inadequate. The human development index ranks only the 85th in the world. In the field of child development, China is still faced with daunting tasks, such as addressing regional and urban-rural disparities, improving child rights protection system, and enhancing access to quality public services. While making great efforts on its own, China is ready to strengthen cooperation with UNICEF. We hope to continue to benefit from international good practice and experience and receive support from UNICEF in child health and development, quality and inclusive education, child-centred social policy, child protection and partnerships.



Madam President,



Cooperation between China and UNICEF has always been on an equal footing and mutually beneficial. We appreciate UNICEF’s strong support. At the same time, China actively contributes to the cause of international development.



China provides voluntary contributions to UNICEF every year. In 2020, China provided 2.5 million dollars in voluntary contributions and 850,000 yuan in resident cost. Since 2017, China has provided 22 million dollars to UNICEF through the South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund, and supported UNICEF’s critical work in developing countries by providing safe drinking water, medical supplies and services, and improving maternal, newborn and child health and nutrition.



China is ready to further consolidate its cooperation with UNICEF. We will continue to follow the principles of the UN Charter and relevant GA resolutions in the development area. With concrete actions, we are making every effort to help other developing countries respond to the pandemic, implement the 2030 Agenda, and achieve common development.



Madam President,



China welcomes and supports the new CPD. It has incorporated the inputs of stakeholders, is fully aligned with UNSDCF and 2030 Agenda, and in line with China’s development priorities as well as UNICEF’s mandate and strategic plan.



I would like to thank UNICEF colleagues from Headquarters, Regional Office for East Asia and the Pacific, and the country office in China for their tireless efforts in the drafting process. I also thank Member States for their solidarity, understanding and support for China CPD. China is looking forward to working closely with UNICEF on the implementation of the CPD and further strengthen cooperation with all partners, aiming at the common development of all countries.



Thank you, Madam President.