China’s Development: An Opportunity Rather Than a Threat for the World



Morgunblaðið Publishes a Signed Article by Chinese Ambassador to Iceland Jin Zhijian



20 August 2020



Recently, some politicians in the US and the western countries have kept voicing vicious attack against China’s political system and hyping up the Communist Party of China (CPC) as a global threat, claiming that the policy of engagement with China has become a total failure. Their allegations are fanfare for ideological confrontation and the Cold War mentality, advocating for a joint response of the western world to the “China threat”. Such false statements not only discredit the history and misread China, but also poison the atmosphere of international cooperation and harm the interests of all parties.



Since the new China was founded more than 70 years ago, no matter how the international situation changes, China has always followed an independent foreign policy of peace and unswervingly developed friendly cooperation with other countries on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence. China is committed to peaceful development. We respect the right of people in all countries to independently choose their own development path. We have no intention to engage in systemic competition or export ideology to any country. China never initiated a war, or occupied an inch of land of others. China strives for development not to compete with the United States for supremacy, but to bring a better life to its own people. China takes an active part in global governance not to supplant anyone, but to play its due role as a major country. No matter how far China goes, we will never seek hegemony or expansionism.



China achieved freedom from imperialism and colonialism. It is the choice of history and the people to follow the path of socialism under the leadership of the CPC. Do China’s system and CPC work for the country? The Chinese people know better than anyone else. Facts prove that the CPC has earned the heartfelt support of 1.4 billion Chinese people. Many international polls in recent years including the Harvard Kennedy School’s surveys show that more than 90% of the Chinese people trust their government led by the CPC. This high level of trust is neither accidental nor surprising. It is the CPC that has led the Chinese people to realize national liberation and independence and blaze the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, turning the once impoverished country into the world’s second largest economy, the largest industrial manufacturer, the largest trader of goods and the biggest holder of foreign exchange reserves. It is under the CPC leadership that China’s per capita GDP has grown from less than US$200 forty years ago to over US$10,000 today, and over 800 million people have been lifted out of poverty. The Chinese people have clear and profound knowledge of the world and are capable of making the right judgment. Any attempts to smear and slander China’s political system and drive a wedge between the CPC and the Chinese people are doomed to fail.



China rejects any attempt to create a so-called “new Cold War”, because it contravenes the global trend toward development and progress. Certain international relations theories such as the cold war mentality of zero-sum game, “Thucydides trap” and the logic that a strong country is bound to seek hegemony have become outdated. The differences in ideology certainly should not be an obstacle to peaceful coexistence and common development among nations. Dialogue is a wise choice to resolve differences, and cooperation is the best way to achieve a win-win situation.



China’s rapid development over the decades, which benefited from interactions and cooperation with countries around the world, has in turn provided the rest of the world with sustained growth impetus and important opportunities. China is willing to share its development opportunities with the world. China becomes the leading engine of the world economic growth with contribution of nearly 30 percent of the worldwide increase over years, more than that of all developed countries including the United States, Europe and Japan. China is the largest trading partner of over 120 countries and regions, with imports at approximately 11% of the global total. Made-in-China goods, nice and inexpensive, are best buys for global consumers. China’s vast market and sound business environment offer a source of tremendous profits for firms worldwide.



Today, COVID-19 poses new challenges to the security and development of all countries. Instability and uncertainties in the international situation are growing markedly. The most important thing we could learn from COVID-19 is that the life, health and development interests of people in different countries are closely connected; humanity is in fact a community with a shared future. China will remain committed to world peace, global development and international order and work together with other countries for a community with a shared future. China stands ready to strengthen international cooperation with Iceland and the rest of the world on prevention and control until the pandemic is defeated all across the world. Let’s work together to build a post-pandemic world featuring peace, stability, openness, diversity and win-win cooperation.