Offer to a Newly Established Trader

Dear Sir


We would like to send our best wishes for the success of your new specialised toyshop. I know you will wish to offer your customers the latest toys – toys that are attractive, hard wearing and reasonably priced. Your stock will not be complete without the mechanical toys for which we have a national reputation.

We are sole importers of Valifact toys and our terms are very generous, as you will see from the enclosed price list. In addition to the trade discount stated, we will allow you a special first-order discount of 5%.


We hope these terms will encourage you to place an order with us and feel sure you would be well satisfied with your first transaction.


We will be happy to arrange for one of our representatives to call on you to ensure that you are fully briefed on the wide assortment of toys we can offer. Please complete and return the enclosed card to say when it would be convenient.


We are looking forward to working with you.


Yours faithfully