Metaverse: Its Potential Negatives
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Metaverse: Its Potential Negatives


By Ayomike



The Metaverse is a pretty cool tech. But just like every other innovative tech, there are negatives to this.




You know how we already complain that humans spend too much time on the internet playing games, watching movies, and even streaming videos? Well, the idea of Metaverse will amplify that by a whole lot.


Think about it, who’d like to quickly leave a space he/she designed that seems perfect. I mean, the person is living his/her dreams, has the perfect body, goes to the best places, and does whatever he/she pleases.


It’s very easy to lose touch of reality and began to prefer staying in the virtual world and even prefer it to your personal life.


Inferiority Complex and Depression


We already see how social media pictures make people dislike parts of their body. Over the couple of years, the numbers of plastic surgeries to correct parts of the body has grown among teens globally. But, what happens when you live in a fantasy world where you design the perfect body and come back to reality to see that you’re still you?


It’s simple, reality check comes in the moment you come out of the metaverse and realize you’re not actually what you designed yourself to be in the virtual world. In real life, you’re still not as tall or as chubby as you wish. Gradually, depression will set.


Data and Security


Another potential negative of this world is access and sharing of data. I mean, joining the metaverse will require you sharing huge amount of data with Meta. Which include but not restricted to your behaviors, interest, patterns etc. on a much larger scale.


And judging from history, Meta is not very good at managing data. And giving all these information away is not such a good idea to say the least. Or, what if there is a data breach and someone else has access to those personal information?



Denying Reality


Truth is, you can actually create your own reality in metaverse but who defines what’s real and what’s not? I mean, one user can decide to remove some real things from their metaverse just because they don’t like it not because those things are not real.


Let’s say, you don’t like people from certain tribe, this means in your metaverse you can decide to remove them. Or you don’t like homeless people or hospitals, you can decide to remove these things. Point is, users can easily deny reality and build a different world in the metaverse and that is a problem.


Why is this a problem? Well the moment they come out of that virtual world, they’ll have to deal with these things. They can’t stay in the virtual world forever (or maybe they plan to?).




Who is going to moderate this virtual reality against hate speech or racism? How will the moderation be carried out? I mean, moderating social media platforms is already stressful and moderating a whole universe built by different people is a whole new level of stressful.


Will Meta be able to watch every single user and catch every single gesture, characters, speech and text that promotes hate, racism, false news and online bullying? Meta will need a huge work force to be able to implement this and even at that, it’ll still be very difficult.


And if moderation is not properly done, the whole virtual world can easily turn into chaos. I mean, not everyone will be there to promote positive vibes only.


At the end, we’re still humans and we’ll have to eat, drink, and sleep in real life. So, even if we create this whole perfect world on metaverse, we’ll still have to come back and live our lives.


What Meta is proposing is pretty cool and it seems like the future of social media where you get to interact more realistically. You can be whatever you want, do whatever you want and go wherever you want.


But, it also amplifies the negative sides of using social media such as; addiction, harassment, depression and even security issues. And the speed of 5G connectivity is the main reason why this whole virtual universe seems even possible.


I mean, can you imagine using 2G or 3G to access such universe? The buffering alone would make it extreme difficult to use.


So, while we’re all excited about the new idea of a Metaverse, it’s also okay for us to look critically at the negatives. This way, we’ll be able to better prepare ourselves for what’s coming “the future of social media”.