Visit Wuhan, City on Rivers
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Visit Wuhan, City on Rivers


Life here is not just about picturesque views and good food; the exhilarating pace of shopping is definitely another highlight of this city. The most famous shopping site in Hankou is undeniably Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street. The sight of iconic buildings dating from the Republic of China era alongside fashion-forward stores makes for a fascinating experience. As for Wuchang, it has its exotic Guanggu Pedestrian Street at World City Plaza and the latest trendy zone at Chu River and Han Street. These are well-loved and frequented by locals. Thinking of bringing home local specialties for family and friends? Look no further than duck necks and hot dry noodles.


Stroll along the century-old Jianghan Road


Gathered along the Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street are numerous depart- ment stores and fashion labels, where you can shop to your heart’s desire. Large department stores such as Grand Ocean, New World and Wangfujing are located here, along with flagship storesof trend-leading brands including Nike, Adidas and Vans. Once part of the British concession, the pedestrian street also features dozens of stunning modern architecture. Among which, you willfind the 1916 Daqing Bank (now knownas the Bank of China), 1934 National Industrial Bank of China, 1936 Siming Bank as well as new-style courtyard houses bearing both Chinese and Western characteristics and which are reminiscent of “Shanghaicun”. If you are a fan of old buildings, then this is the right place for you.

江汉路步行街商铺林立,时尚品牌荟萃,你可以在此随心所欲地购物。大洋百货、新世界、王府井这样的大商场都在这里,诸如耐克、阿迪达斯 和万斯等潮流旗舰店也尽在此中。步行街曾是英租界的一部分,如今这里颇具特色的是几十栋美轮美奂的近现代建筑。在这里,可以找到1916年的大清银行(现在的中国银行)、1934年的中国实业银行、1936年的四明银行,以及中西特色兼具的新式庭院式住宅,让人想起“上海邨”。假若你是个老建筑迷去这里看看算是找对了地方。

Experience diverse cultures at Guanggu Pedestrian Street


Located near Wuhan University, this street is a favorite go-to for students, fashionistas and visitors from out of town. Buildings sporting Spanish, Italian and German architectural features can be found here and make for an excellent photo spot. Take a walk down the street and you’ll also find many trendy folks posing in front of their cameras. The brands here are relatively more youthful: MUJI, H&M, UNIQLO etc. With the vast array of fast fashion options, you can actually shop till you drop. By evening, the street entrance at Guanggu Plaza will enthrall visitors with its resplendent light show. Watchfistfuls of colors light up the night sky and shower all with romantic vibes.


K11: Union of the arts and commerce


Wuhan’s K11 Arts Mall began operations in 2017. It is the third arts space developed in China, after Hong Kong and Shanghai, to celebrate the flowing aesthetics of the arts. As a whole, the building design brims with creativity, sporting interactive technological installations of clouds, lakes and waterfall elements. Inside, you’ll findthe trendy flagship stores of Moschino,Neil Barrett and Vivienne Westwood, among other designers. All in all, the different concepts unite to make K11 the IT space for arts and cultures across the Greater China Region. The addition of upscale movie theater Buff Cinema and small yet chic Wuwai Bookstore also contributes to the artsy mood of the premises.


Experience the essence of Wuhan culture at Chu River and Han Street


Chu River and Han Street captivateswith its nostalgic flair from the Republic of China period. Walking amidst the red-and-gray bricks, shikumen architraves, brick-paved lanes, olden wooden windows, it is easy to imagine that one has simply slipped through time. There are numerous spots for shopping and dining on the Han Street. The most famous of them all is the Wanda Plaza, housing world-class luxury brands as well as fast fashion labels such as ZARA, H&M, UNIQLO and C&A. If you need a break from all that shopping, a scenic cruise ride is available at the dock in the middle of Han Street. On board, you can immerse yourself in the wondrous views of the city and waters. Come for the evening cruise, which promises to be even more spectacular.


Luxury shopping at Wuhan International Plaza


Wuhan International Plaza is located at Jiefang Avenue, long known for its commercial vibrancy. This high-end shopping mall is one of Wuhan Department Store Group’s creations, featuring LV, Dior, Givenchy, Celine, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, MCM and other internationally renown names. There are also stylish brands that cater to the youthful crowd, such as i.t, Aape, and MANGO. You’ll be simply spoilt for choice.



Give away Wuhan’s tasty, sweet and spicy duck necks


If you’re wondering which is the best souvenir to bring home from Wuhan, duck necks are your answer. Those from Zhou Hei Ya (Jingwu Road) are among the best in town. You may scoff at the spicy level at first bite, even thinking it tastes a little sweet; but keep going and you’ll notice how the spiciness levels add up really quickly. And it’s addictive – you simply can’t stop. There are many specialized stores selling Zhou Hei Ya all around Wuhan, making them fuss-free snacks to munch on. Moreover, they also come in vacuum packaging that you can easily bring home to share with family and friends.


Bring home “Wuhan’s favorite food” – hot dry noodles


The locals say “pass the morning”, when we say “to eat breakfast”. Ask them about how they pass the morning and they will say it’s eating local snacks like hot dry noodles, bean pies and rice buns. If you want to share unique Wuhan foods with friends and family, then don’t miss out on their hot dry noodles. Unlike cold noodles and the soup variants, the noodles are first cooked in boiling hot water, drained and then mixed with sesame sauce and chili oil. Many supermarkets sell hot dry noodles sealed in vacuum packaging. Those from heritage brand Cai Lin Ji are especially recommended.