Women in the Workplace: Issues and Challenges
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Women in the Workplace: Issues and Challenges


By Krishna Reddy


An interesting survey among the top corporate giants around the world confirms that women in the workplace have proved their stupendous presence in almost every industry and in huge numbers. They are strong, smart, technically competent and emotionally valiant in comparison to their male counterparts. As such they are rightly called as the new age corporate women. But despite achieving such huge laurels, women still face many obstacles in their workplace.

一项针对全球顶级企业巨 头的有趣调查证实,几乎各个行业的职场女性都有突出表现,而且人数众多。与男性同行相比,她们坚强、聪 明、工作能力超强、待人处事果敢。因此,称她们为“新时代的企业女性”恰如其分。但是,尽管获得了这样巨大的荣誉,女性在职场中仍然面临许多阻碍。

Gender bias and sexual harassment are not just what we are talking about but there are few more issues that are big hurdles for women to grow high up in the corporate scene.


Men versus women issues


Men and women are always two sides of the same coin. Each one of them has their unique charisma and each one thinks and handles the situation differently. But it is still a shame that irrespective of being equally talented there is always discrimination in the eyes of the beholder. In corporate environments, where people of both genders participate in all activities with equal vigor and enthusiasm such vague differentiation is the biggest challenge for a woman.


One must understand that a working woman loves your concern but not your sympathy. She wishes to be recognized with her talent and not her gender.

人们必须明白,一位职场女性需要的是关心,而非同情。 她渴望人们认可她的才华,而不是她的性别。


Gender bias


Gender bias is another challenge that many women experience at their workplace. Though we can say that corporate offices are bridging the gender gap slowly, private institutions andgovernment offices are still way far be- hind. Jobs that require frequent travel, physical exertion etc. are still open for men only as they are considered more eligible than women. Many companies while hiring women employees ask them openly about their marriage and further family planning as they cannot afford the maternity leaves and otherflexibility perks.


One must understand that women are blessed with the opportunity to bring another soul into this world and this factor must not be a hindrance for their growth and progress.


Sexual harassment


One of the most shameful and heart-wrenching challenges that women face in the working environment is the kinds of sexual abuse she is exposed to. Mostly women fall prey to cunning men who lure them on the pretext of love and sexually harass them. Many men have the notion that working women are compromising in nature which is the foundation for such vicious deeds.

女性在职场中所面临的最可耻、最痛心的挑战,是她们所遭受的各种性侵犯。很多时 候,性会沦为狡猾男性的猎物,这些男性以爱为借口引诱她们,并对她们实施性骚扰。许多男性认为,职场女性在本质上是妥协的,正是这一想法滋生了这种恶劣的行径。

Women who stand up for their self-respect do not fail to voice out their difficulties but naive and fretful women stillneed to be fed with courage and must betaught to fight back against these venge- ful men and show them their place.


Lack of role models


Women have time and again proved their capabilities in the work front but still, the top cream layer is mostly occupied by men. The challenge here is female leaders are many but role models are few. When women look up to men for guidance and mentorship they feel they are disconnected and disoriented as there is a great difference in their objectivity and style of communication.


But this challenge is slowly minimizing as more and more women are entering as managers, politicians, presidents, CEO’s and in the next few years to come, there will be more leaders who will turn role models for the generations to follow.


Restroom gossips


An office without gossipmongers is like a cake without icing. Tea breaks, lunchtime, restroom meetings are the venue and time when gossips are created and spread across. When a woman reaches a respectable position in her work there is always plenty of speculation about her journey to that position. Some comment on her ability while some comment about her friendly attitude.

办公室没有八卦人士,犹如蛋糕没有糖衣。茶歇、午餐、 厕所相遇都是传播流言蜚语的好时机。当一位女性在工作中 升至体面的职位时,人们总会对她的升职过程有诸多猜疑。有人议论她的能力,,还有人议论她友善的态度。

All you will need to do is not to reciprocate any hard feelings. Women should know to face and win over this emotional challenge in her stride. In a world where good and bad co-exists, women must grow their emotional quotient and let their work speak for them instead of engaging in verbal battles.