Top 7 Immigration Friendly Countries
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Top 7 Immigration Friendly Countries 




By Pat Spracklin


So you’re ready to leave your country and start a new life somewhere, but you’re not sure which destination is right for you. Don’t just throw a dart at a map or follow your relatives: consider what your priorities will be and pick the country that’s right for you.




7. Norway



Scandinavia[1] is the most peaceful, stable, safe (and, yeah, cold) region on earth, and Norway consistently tops lists of equality, happiness, and standard of living. There’s the fjords[2]. The cool Viking[3] heritage. The rehabilitative justice system[4]. The seed bunker[5]. The massive, responsibly-invested oil wealth. Come for the cross-country ski¬ing, stay for the herring!




[1] 斯堪的纳维亚(欧洲西北部文化区,包括挪威、瑞典和丹麦,有时也包括冰岛、芬兰和法罗群岛)。


[2] fjord冰川侵蚀河谷形成峡谷,再被海水倒灌成为峡湾。


[3] Viking维京人生活在1000多年前的北欧,即今天的挪威、丹麦和瑞典,以海盗文化而出名。


[4] 恢复性司法制度要求不仅对罪犯定罪量刑,还要保护受害者的利益以及恢复被犯罪破坏的安定祥和的社会秩序。挪威是最早立法制定该项制度的国家之一。rehabilitate改造(罪犯等)。


[5] 末日种子库位于挪威斯瓦尔巴群岛的一处山洞中,由挪威政府出资,旨在防止植物因天灾人祸灭绝,为植物学家提供种子基因。


It’s no surprise that Norway comes in 5th out of 175 countries in Transparency International’s rankings[6] but what is a little surprising is their murder rate of 2.2 per 100,000. That’s more than double New Zealand’s and ahead of Canada and Australia. Their Royal Motto is Everything for Norway[7]and they seem to live up to it: free tuition in their excellent public universities, day care, a social welfare net and everything you would expect from a Scandinavian kingdom with a huge sovereign wealth fund, fed by all that offshore oil. 




[6] 指总部位于德国柏林的国际非政府组织透明国际发布的世界廉政指数排行榜,该指数反映政党、警察、司法系统以及行政部门的廉洁程度,1995年起每年发布一次。


[7] Everything for Norway挪威语原文为Alt for Norge,由挪威第一任国王哈康七世提出,成为了挪威人民在二战期间抵抗德国法西斯以及二战后重建家园的精神指导。


Unsurprisingly, most immigrants to Norway have come from western and northern Europe, with Poland the source of the largest group. Immigrants also come from all over Asia, with a large portion of those coming from Turkey.




6. New Zealand



If you value natural beauty and a relaxed pace of life, New Zealand would make a great immigration destination. Its proximity to Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands and its well-respected and strong Maori indigenous culture[8]makes New Zealand a diverse and friendly country. If you prefer metropolitan bustle[9], stay away, but if you’re ready to slow down and have the mountains and greenery blow your mind, come on over.




[8] 毛利人是新西兰的土著居民,占新西兰总人口的14% ,其语言和文化却对新西兰人的生活产生了重要的影响,其中毛利语演讲、古代战舞、碰鼻礼、纹身术、石头火锅等传统文化非常有特色。


[9] bustle忙碌;喧嚣。


The island nation is practically Scandinavian in its democratic openness and transparency. It ranks 2nd in Transparency International’s rankings and it’s murder rate of 0.9 per 100,000 inhabitants is one of the lowest in the world, less than in Australia or Canada. Unfortunately, international students at the university level pay far higher tuition than locals do. As for their national sport, the men in black[10] are all about Rugby, and New Zealand’s passion for the game is perhaps unlike anywhere else on the planet.




[10] 全黑队是新西兰的橄榄球国家队,以身穿黑色球服闻名,是世界级橄榄球强队。


Predictably, over a third of immigrants to New Zealand come from the British Isles. Japan and Korea are the next biggest source of immigration. New Zealand also gets a substantial proportion of its immigrants from the Pacific Islands. South Africa is also a big source.




5. America



America is the number one immigration destination in the world, with over one-fifth of all global immigrants heading there annually, according to a recent US census[11] study. The downside to that is competition: with all of those other strivers[12] chasing the dream, you might find yourself struggling to get a foothold[13]. And in spite of generally weak employment possibilities and stalled[14] immigration reform, the US is still one of the best places to come if you’re an engineer or if you’re in the tech industry. Just don’t try entering illegally and stay out of the South.




[11] census人口普查。


[12] striver奋斗者。


[13] foothold(可以此发展或取得成功的)立足点。


[14] stall使停止。


Yes, crime rates are higher than in countries like Canada or Australia. And the safest city in the USA? Plano, Texas according to recent statistics. What to say about education? America has an overwhelmingly[15] diverse amount of options to choose from when deciding where to study. However, the gaps are huge between the top achievers and those that struggle to stay in school.




[15] overwhelmingly压倒性地;可观地。


America has an incredibly complex tax system that begs for expert advice, or good tax software, to help you navigate it. Right now top marginal rates[16]for personal income tax are high at 39.6%. In the mid-fifties America’s Motto changed from “E Pluribus Unum” – which is Latin for “Out of One, Many” – to “In God We Trust”. America’s national pastime used to be Baseball, without any doubt. That’s changed in the last few decades and Football now bests[17] Baseball for that honor.


美国有异常复杂的税收制度,你若想摸清门道,只得咨询专家意见或是借助不错的税务软件。现在个人所得税的最高边际税率高达39.6%。在20世纪50年代中期,美国的座右铭从E Pluribus Unum(拉丁文,意为“合众为一”)变成了“我们信仰上帝”。美国以前的国民休闲运动无疑是棒球。但这在过去几十年间发生了变化,如今美式橄榄球已打败棒球赢得这一殊荣。


[16] marginal rate边际税率,是指增加一些收入时,增加的所纳税额同增加的收入之间的比例。


[17] best打败,胜过。


Most immigrants to the US currently come from Mexico: over 9,000,000 of the foreign born population of the United States was born in Mexico, and that makes up the vast majority. China and the Philippines are next on the list. India and Vietnam have both provided about 1 million immigrants.






3. Germany



With a population now over 80 million and large scale immigration, it is practically a miracle that Germany has a murder rate that is lower than New Zealand, a laid back[19] island far from the turmoil[20] of Europe and the Americas. As for education, in the land that gave us Kindergarten[21], did you know that an increasing number of international students are heading to Germany to do their post-secondary studies? In English, not German. The public universities are tuition-free and as a German professor told the BBC a few years ago, “I wonder whether a Chinese student can understand us better than someone with a Yorkshire[22] accent or some strange American accent.” At private universities you will pay tuition rates closer to those in the USA. Unfortunately someone has to pay for free universities and public health care and in Germany the top marginal rate for personal taxes is 45%.




[19] laid back〈非正式〉放松的。


[20] turmoil骚动;混乱。


[21] 德国幼儿园以学费低廉、混龄教育、注重玩耍及习惯培养而闻名。


[22] 约克郡是英格兰东北部的一个郡。


The reputation of Germany has having a lot of Turks is true, Turks make up a gigantic[23] proportion of Germany’s foreign born population: over 1/4. Europe is the source for most of the other immigrants to Germany.




[23] gigantic巨大的,庞大的。