Weak Form

Weak Form



One of two possible pronunciations for a word, in the context of connected speech, the other being strong. The weak form is that which is the result of a word being unstressed, as in the normal pronunciation of of in cup of tea, and in most other grammatical words. Several words in English have more than one weak form, e.g. and [ænd] can be [ənd], [ən], [n], etc.


连续言语中一个词的两种可能发音之一,另一种是强形式。弱形式是词的非重读形式,如cup of tea“一杯茶”中of的正常发音,也是大多数其他语法词的正常发音。英语中有若干词不止一个弱形式,例如and“和”[ænd]可读作[ənd],[ən],[n]等。