Specifier (Spec)

Specifier (Spec)



A relation in the X-bar theory of phrase structure. Specifiers are normally seen as combining with a single-bar category to form the related double-bar category. For example, in John is a student, a is the specifier of the noun, student. Spec/head agreement is agreement between the head of a phrase and the element which occupies the specifier of that phrase.


短语结构的X-杠理论中的一个语类。一般认为指定语与一个单杠语类组合,形成相关的双杠语类。例如,John is a student“约翰是一个学生”,a“一个”是名词student“学生”的指定语。指定语/中心语一致是指一个短语的中心语与占据该短语指定语位置的成分之间的一致关系。