Telegraphic Speech

Telegraphic Speech



A style of speech production in which function words and inflectional endings tend to be omitted; earlier , also called telegrammatic speech. The term derives from the written style used in the days when pay-by-the-word telegrams were a common method of communication, and is still used to describe any elliptical written style (e.g. in newspaper headlines or want-ads); but in linguistics it is more commonly encountered in relation to the sentence structures found in young children’s speech and the reduced range of grammatical expression typical of one form of aphasia.


一种言语风格,其中功能词和屈折词尾一般都省略,也称作telegrammatic speech。这个名称源自按字计费的电报是常用通信方式的时代,指一种书写风格,现仍用来指任何一种省略书写风格(例如报纸标题或招聘广告);但语言学中这个术语更常指见于幼儿言语的句子结构和一种失语症(语法缺失症)中常见的各种缩减的语法表达式。