A term used in grammar and semantics to refer to a clause or element whose meaning expresses the notion of consequence or effect. Several features of grammar have a use which has been variously labelled resultative, resulting, or resultant, such as adverbials, certain types of attributive constructions, objects where the referent exists only because of the activity of the verb and clauses introduced by the conjunctions so or so that. In later case grammar, the term replaced factitive, used to refer to an object or being which results from an action or state.


语法和语义学用来指其意义是表达后果或效果的小句或成分。语法中好些特征和用法用“结果的”称之,例如结果状语,某些定语构式,结果宾语,由连词so或so that“因而”引出的结果小句。后期的格语法“结果格”取代了使成格,用来指作为动作或状态结果的事物。