Offer to a Regular Customer

Dear Mr White


We have just bought a large quantity of high quality rugs and carpets from the bankrupt stock of one of our competitors.


As you are one of our most regular and long-standing customers, we would like you to share in the excellent opportunities our purchase provides. We can offer you mohair rugs in a variety of colours at prices ranging from £55 to £3,000, also premier quality W&A carpeting in a wide range of patterns at 20% below current wholesale prices.


This is a fantastic opportunity for you to buy a stock of high-quality products at prices we cannot repeat. We hope you will take full advantage of it.


If you are interested, please call our hotline number 0104 2348282 not later than next Friday 14 October and we’ll be happy to show you the stock for yourself. Or alternatively call our Sales Department on 0114 4532567 to place an immediate order.


Yours sincerely